Log in or Sign up. Lanparty NF2 ultra B here, rock solid. Seriously, though – wanted your thoughts on Lanparty Ultra B. The 12v and ATX power headers are poorly laid out. Apr 13, Just wrap this around your case and you got a handle to which to carry it easily. Military necessity does not admit of cruelty nor of torture to procure confessions.

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Apr 13, Meet the Intel Z chipset.


Jan 22, Posts: Lanparty NF2 ultra B here, rock solid. The User’s Guide wasn’t much of a guide at all.

Four heatsink mounting holes are included for those of you using the appropriate heatsink or waterblock. There was no information on troubleshooting, installation, or BIOS information.

Fri Jan 23, 9: Dacodo Ars Centurion Tribus: SATA cablesthere are: The Quick Installation Guide is more of what you would associate with a “beginner’s” lanparrty. You might have gotten a bad board. Two scoops of Ryzen, eat on the go or at your desk.

Ffi Thermalright AX-7 barely fits and is really hard to install properly dfi lanparty nf2 ultra b there’s no wiggle room at all. The idea is to increase the general visual appeal of the motherboard in dfi lanparty nf2 ultra b LAN party environment.

Where to find a DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B in 2017

So if you plan to do some tweaking, keep PCI-1 slot clear of long ultrs. Seriously, though – wanted your thoughts on Lanparty Ultra B. Lastly, let’s not forget that this motherboard glows when bathed in ultra-violet rays.

It is unstable as hell no matter what I do to it. No thanks, I’d rather build a phone out of it! Home Reviews News Forums. I used to own one long ago.

Thoughts on the DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Google versus the law of unintended consequences. Or should I just plan on getting an NF7-S? With a 80mm fan, it sits just flush to the edge of the motherboard which may mean a snug fit for some of you.

The CMOS jumper is in u,tra unfortunate position. If you already have a carrying strap, having a second one would make life easier since you can now strap two handles onto the box dfi lanparty nf2 ultra b makes for easier transportation than just a single handle.

Is there a good reason you are wanting that specific board?

It even has a pouch in which you can put your mouse or a can of Mountain Dew. Sun Jan 25, 2: May 19, Posts: N2 a humourous side-note, the Quick Installation Guide states “Do not force the CPU into the socket” and ironically the next picture shows an anonymous hand cramming an Intel Pentium 4 into the Dfi lanparty nf2 ultra b socket as part of the normal installation procedure.

Feb 19, 9.

Looking in our DFI forumI found out that warranty is supplied di the vendor so the duration and coverage dfi lanparty nf2 ultra b vary.

For the 12v, there is a capacitor next to it which makes removing the cable difficult. I used to send tons of these back to DFI back in the day. Also, it is very close to the AGP slot which can cause problems if your video cooler is large.