Native resolution x needed resolution. Can be assigned by hand. Support modem with slmodem. See launchpad bug If everything else fails then you should install Ubuntu in Legacy mode.

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Use nVidia binary driver for GeForce and use ndiswrapper for Wlan. In acer aspire ubuntu my system is functional, but I really need standby, suspend-to-ram and suspend-to-disk. Suspend to ram not working anymore: Restart the computer with the card enside the reader.

Flash reader now works. Suspend fixed by upgradeing to 2.

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To set up WLAN look this tutorial: Now you should go into CMOS ubujtu and remove acer aspire ubuntu drive from your machine. Steve Hope 1 8. For generic X11 use the X11 vesa driver.

Special keys don’t work. If everything else fails then you should install Ubuntu in Legacy mode.

boot – How to install Ubuntu on an Acer with preinstalled Windows 10 Home – Ask Ubuntu

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Afterwards, use Boot-Repair tool to adjust Grub2 it is an automated process. No power management features seem to work properly at all. See below for more. Hibernation mode works ok.

DVD reading and writing work ok. Can be assigned by hand.

Suspend to RAM and suspend to disk aren’t working. Network manager lists all access point, but seems unable to connect using acer aspire ubuntu In order to get the SD and MMC card reader, you just have to load to the kernel itself, using ‘modprobe’.

See launchpad bug If somebody manages to make it work, please report! This bug is solved with the resolution program: The interface is different from Acer aspire ubuntu installation.

Ubuntu on Acer Models | Ubuntu

This software is hosted on the official repositories and a simple apt-get install resolution will ace and configure it for you.

It’s probably possible to get these working, but they don’t interest me. Synaptics touchpad needs better configuration: Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing. Screen acer aspire ubuntu x Using acer aspire ubuntu french install, the default keymap is Latin9, Suspend to RAM and suspend to disk are working.

Sound output, including headphone jack. Touchpad generates wrong tap-event mouse2 instead of mouse1unless i tap very hard. Special keys can be assigned as shortcuts in Keyboard Shortcuts like Acer Travelmate Acer aspire ubuntu none of standby, suspend-to-ram or suspend-to-disk are working for me. Each component is shared by some of them but in general they are different.